Aerial view of Hattusa (Bogazkoy)


Sharruma holding King Tudhaliya IV (relief from Yazilikaya)

Hatti and the hittites

The hittite empire was one of the most powerful near-eastern empire of the 2nd millennium B.C. The heart of hatti-land and hittite power was located in central Anatolia. From terrible wars to peaceful and prosperous trade, the assyrians and egyptians learned to respect the hittites.

Near the end of the 2nd millennium, a time of crisis for all the Near-East, the hittite empire disappeared under still unclear circumstances, leaving behind it the remains of a powerful and intellectually brilliant civilization.


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A new design...

Dec 25, 2006 by Yannis Deliyannis

After nearly 10 years online, I've decided to offer the hatti website a new design. The old one (from 1997 !) is still available here, mainly for historical value.
Unfortunately, I don't intend to add any new content to the site.

hatti closing down...

Jan 09, 2000 by Yannis Deliyannis

After more than four years of existence and three years of presence on the Internet, the association HATTI has officially ceased its activities, including the publication of our newsletter HALUKA. We really hoped we would never have to make this announcement. HATTI was for us, since the beginning, a way of sharing our passion for the wonderful hittite civilization. Working on each issues of HALUKA was fascinating but also very much time-consuming. Our publishing team being small, it meant a lot of work, and money also, to publish an HALUKA issue. We also underwent bad times with our finances and even though we punctually received great moral support from some people here and there, it just wasn't enough. As you can understand the reasons for stopping of activities are plenty and we don't need to detail them all here, what is important today is that none of us regret these last four years of hard-working with HATTI and we really hope that the accomplished work will still be useful to other passionate like we are. For this reason, we decided to leave the web site online even though it won't be updated anymore. Finally, we would like to thank warmly everyone who had showed us support during these last years as they helped us by their kind words to persevere in our work till today. Thanks a lot !

hatti site launched !

Sep 01, 1997 by Yannis Deliyannis

The hatti site was launched today !