Aerial view of Hattusa (Bogazkoy)


Sharruma holding King Tudhaliya IV (relief from Yazilikaya)

Hatti and the hittites

The hittite empire was one of the most powerful near-eastern empire of the 2nd millennium B.C. The heart of hatti-land and hittite power was located in central Anatolia. From terrible wars to peaceful and prosperous trade, the assyrians and egyptians learned to respect the hittites.

Near the end of the 2nd millennium, a time of crisis for all the Near-East, the hittite empire disappeared under still unclear circumstances, leaving behind it the remains of a powerful and intellectually brilliant civilization.


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About us...

hatti was officially born in november 1995 in Paris, France as the initiative of three students who shared a common interest in the ancient hittite civilization. As a cultural, non-profit association, hatti was created to promote the study of this brilliant culture and also to be a warm and welcome place for every one interested in the history and archaeology of ancient Anatolia.

Many activities were actually conducted in 1996, the two most important being a guided visit of the Oriental Antiquities collection of the Louvre museum and a very instructing journey in Turkey where we had the opportunity to follow the steps of the ancient Hittites.

But the year 1997 was still more important to us as it saw the first official publication of our newsletter HALUKA where everyone, students and specialists, were able to express themselves in articles about different aspects of the hittite culture. That year also inaugurated our appearance on the Internet.

The following years 1998 and 1999 were the occasion for our newsletter HALUKA to develop by getting an international dimension. Unfortunately, the year 1999 was also the year we had to stop our activities as an association, even though it was decided to leave our web site online and to keep it updated as much as possible.

We do hope our association helped, and will still help through this web site, in promoting the studies in hittitology and contribute to spread our interest to more and more people.

Our founder members were :

Association Hatti
Université de Paris-I Sorbonne,
17, rue de la Sorbonne 75231 Paris Cedex 05 FRANCE.