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CHRONICON MIRABILIUM - A Chronicle of Wonders

"These things are not lightly with silence to be over passed, but precisely and throughly to be considered." -- Abraham Fleming, A Straunge and Terrible Wunder... (1577).

Mecklenburg & Hamburg, 4 nov. 1697 [Nachdencklich-dreyfaches Wunder-Zeichen..., Einblattdr. G.Fr. 13 in Sammlung Gustav Freytag, Universtät Frankfurt am Main.]

CHRONICON MIRABILIUM is a collaborative, independent and international project aiming to gather historical documents relating to anomalous celestial and aerial phenomena. The project focuses on textual and iconographical sources from the highest antiquity to modern times.

With focus on the collecting and archiving of the documents, the project is intended to be used as a reference by researchers. The aim of the project is less to judge on the physical nature or reality of the phenomena than to document them.

An introductory document presenting the motivations and main perspectives of the project is available here.

The main discussions of CHRONICON MIRABILIUM are being conducted on the Magonia Exchange research list and the present Wiki interface is aimed at offering a deposit and resource site for documentary research, as well as facilitating collaboration between researchers.


Repository of documented cases organized chronologically.

Various articles.


The virtual library holds digital articles and books of interest to our research.

A list of links to resources on the Internet.

Based on Aigaion v.2.

Works in progress. Waiting to be processed and included on the main wiki.

Introductory document presenting the motivations and perspectives of PROJECT PRODIGY.

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